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Business What Are the Types of Lawyers?

What Are the Types of Lawyers?


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There are many different types of lawyers, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. It’s a good idea to understand some of the most common types of lawyers before you hire one, so that you can be sure that your case is handled correctly.

Criminal Defense Lawyer – This type of lawyer specializes in representing clients charged with crimes such as drug offenses, assault and battery, robbery, and homicide. They also handle cases involving a wide variety of other issues, including theft, fraud, and domestic violence.

Civil Rights Lawyer – This is a lawyer who helps people defend themselves against government actions that violate their civil rights. They may work on matters such as racial discrimination, sex harassment, and discriminatory hiring practices.

Voting Rights Lawyer – These attorneys help protect the right of citizens to vote. They also assist with registering voters, enforcing voting laws, and investigating violations of voter eligibility.

Family Law Attorney – These attorneys deal with a wide range of family law issues, from divorce to child custody. They also can help with adoption and guardianship cases.

Litigation Lawyer – This type of lawyer specializes on cases that involve disputes over property, business and contracts. They work to resolve these issues by negotiating with the opposing party and/or in court.

Immigration Lawyer – These lawyers help people become legal residents of the United States. They help with everything from obtaining a green card to helping immigrants overcome a language barrier on their application forms.

Tax Attorney – This type of lawyer specializes in helping individuals and businesses resolve issues regarding taxes. They also assist with estate planning and can work on corporate legal issues.

Real Estate Lawyer – This type of lawyer specializes with transactions related to real estate. They can handle both residential and commercial property, as well as land use and zoning issues. Recommended this site wilkes barre car accident lawyers .


Trademark / Copyright Lawyer – This type of lawyer specializes at protecting the rights of their clients to trademarks and other intellectual property. They can also help their clients obtain patents for inventions and new ideas.

Privacy and Data Security Lawyer – This type of lawyer works to help their clients safeguard their privacy and secure their information. They can also help their clients protect their children from online predators.

Public Interest Lawyer – This type of lawyer often works with nonprofit organizations or government agencies that have an important mission to help people. They represent clients in court and are involved with social justice issues, such as healthcare, disability, and environmental causes.

In general, the type of lawyer you choose depends on what makes you most happy.

If you’re passionate about a particular area of the law and you feel that your top priority is helping people, then you’ll find that being an attorney is a fulfilling career choice. The money that you earn can be nice, but the emotional rewards that come from assisting people are even better.


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